Pam Tallmadge

Occupation: Executive Assistant, Charter-System Foundation; City of Dunwoody Council Member District 1

Pam Tallmadge.

Previous experience holding elected offices: Currently City of Dunwoody Council Member District 1

Other community service experience: Dunwoody Community Association, aka, The Wildcat Foundation, Co-Founder and Secretary (2004-present) and Treasurer (2009-present); Wildcat Foundation Auction/Event Co-Chair (2004-present); DHS Community Association Game On (2014-present); church choir (1987-present) including the Musica Gloria Chamber Choir member (2008-present); church’s drama department (2008-present); the Holiday Festival Kids Zone, Coordinator (2005-present); co-chair of Dunwoody’s Fourth of July Parade (2005-present); Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber’s Education & Workforce Development Committee (2014-present) and co-chair (2015-present); Dunwoody’s Farmer’s Market Committee.

What is motivating you to run for City Council?

I love Dunwoody. It is a small town in a very large metropolitan area. Dunwoody needs fresh ideas to keep our small town a desirable city for our current citizens, their families and future citizens. I have lived, worked and served in Dunwoody for over 27 years. We are seeing trend of individuals who lived here leave the area for college and/or job opportunities only to return later in life to raise their families. My goal is to get to the “yes” – I am motivated to achieve the wants and the needs of our citizens while being fiscally responsible.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it? 

Growth. I want to continue to be involved with the positive changes Dunwoody has enjoyed since the city was formed in 2008. I believe the city and its citizens are facing significant progress, and with this progress comes problems. I believe we, as a community, do not want to lose what makes Dunwoody, Dunwoody. I want to be part of the team bringing fresh ideas, based on the citizens input to manage the expected growth for the betterment of all of our citizens.

Do you support creating more bicycle paths or multi-use trails in the city? What parts of the city should they cover?

Yes. As much as we geographically and fiscally can – from Winters Chapel to PCIDs. All of our citizens should have the ability to enjoy our beautiful city by way of a walk, a quick run or an enjoyable bike ride. We should have a safe way to accomplish this activity in our city. A well thought-out multi-use trail will take some automobile traffic off of our streets.

What type of development would you support in the Perimeter Center area?

The Perimeter Center area is a major revenue source for the city though the taxes we collect as a result of the Center being located in the city boundaries. I support the business, retail, hotel, restaurant development in the Perimeter area. However, we must be careful to control traffic flow. I am in favor of reducing the use of cars and support alternative transportation. This includes the use of our MARTA rail system that is already in place. I would like to explore connecting our residential areas to the Perimeter area through light rail or street cars (like Denver).

What policy or program would you support to preserve trees as redevelopment happens?

Every tree that is removed for development must conceivably be replaced under current law. I would support stronger enforcement of current regulations and additional oversight to assure the topography and tree canopy are aligned to the new building.

What city service or program needs improvement? How would you improve it?

EMS. We currently do not have our own city of Dunwoody Fire or EMS services. The Dekalb Fire department is wonderful; however, the wait times for EMS Have been unacceptable. DeKalb County is too large. Therefore, I would like to either hire our own, or bring that service in house, close to home, in the city of Dunwoody.