The Dunwoody mayor and City Council held the first public hearing on their $24.1 million budget at the Oct. 9 meeting. The budget is expected to be adopted at the council’s Oct. 23 meeting.

Included in the proposed budget is an expenditure of $3.3 million for road resurfacing. The budget also proposes hiring one detective, two patrol officers and one property and evidence technologist in the police department.

Other proposed expenditures include:

  • Improvements to Chamblee-Dunwoody Road from Peeler Road to Vermack Road —
    $ 100,000
  • Meadow Lane intersection improvements — $50,000
  • Womack Road sidewalk from Oakhurst Walk to Tilly Mill Road (completed along
    with paving) — $320,000
  • Crosswalk improvements at Tilly Mill Road at Andover Drive and Chamblee-
    Dunwoody Road at Georgetown Park (rapid flashing beacons only) — $20,000
  • Chamblee-Dunwoody Road at Womack Road intersection improvement — $150,000
  • Central Parkway sidewalk improvements — $25,000
  • Dunwoody Club sidewalk between Whitney Landing and Winters Chapel Road —