Buckhead’s NPU-B voted Oct. 3 in favor of legislation that would add new inclusionary zoning requirements to the BeltLine Overlay District, which spans the entire length of the planned BeltLine path and extends a half-mile in each direction from the path.

The requirements would be added as a chapter to Atlanta’s Code of Ordinances and would require developers building new rental housing in the district to provide affordable housing.

Developers could opt for either pricing 15 percent of rental units for people making 80 percent of the area median income, which is $39,050 for one person, or 10 percent of the units at 60 percent of AMI, which is $29,280.

Developers could also pay a fee instead of supplying the affordable housing units. The fees would be individually calculated for each development.
There will be a public hearing on the legislation on Nov. 9.