A SunTrust bank is coming next year to a former Wendy’s at Roswell and Johnson Ferry roads, leaving the new City Springs civic center flanked by banks.

A truck sits in the former drive-through of the recently closed Wendy’s restaurant at 6240 Roswell Road, while City Springs rises in the background. (John Ruch)

SunTrust’s plan is to move an existing branch currently operating about two-thirds of a mile south at 5898 Roswell Road at Cliftwood Drive.

“We plan to sell the old location once the move has been made,” said SunTrust spokesperson Hugh Suhr.

The Wendy’s restaurant operated at 6240 Roswell Road for about 30 years before closing sometime last month. Last fall, SunTrust’s proposed use of the property as a drive-through-centered bank drew criticism from city staff and the city Planning Commission.

A city staff finding called the plan a “detriment [to] the public good via perpetuating a pedestrian-hostile environment.”

There were also concerns with how a bank branch meshes with City Springs, the $222 million new civic center rising on the other side of Johnson Ferry. “Bank business models should not impede higher city goals,”said Ronda Smith of the Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods at the time.

The situation was resolved earlier this year when SunTrust agreed to remove the drive-through structure from its plan. The city Board of Appeals approved the plan’s other zoning variances in February.

The existing SunTrust Bank branch at 5898 Roswell Road. (Google Earth)

Chase operates a similar branch bank on the opposite side of City Springs, at Roswell and Mount Vernon Highway. And Fidelity operates yet another branch at Johnson Ferry and Sandy Springs Circle on the City Springs triangle, the only business remaining on that site that is not part of the civic center project.

Suhr said that SunTrust aims to have the branch moved and open in the new spot by next summer.

“We will notify clients and provide details well in advance of the actual move, which should be seamless from their perspective,” he said.

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  1. That is a horrible use of that valuable real estate. I can’t believe the city is going to let this happen. It completely contradicts the whole purpose of City Springs. They used eminent domain to make what were much more consumer/pedestrian friendly businesses relocate, but they let this damn bank move into what is probably the most prominent piece of real estate next to City Springs. I’m so finished with this poor excuse for a city…

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