When more than 1,000 Dunwoody residents showed up Oct. 14 at Brook Run Park to trade in their recycling bins for larger ones through the DeKalb County Sanitation Division, that was about 700 more people than expected.

The result was long lines, not enough bins and hundreds of frustrated residents. The city and county are promising a much better experience this Sunday, Oct. 22, when another recycle bin trade-in goes takes place from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the City Hall parking lot, 41 Perimeter Center East.

City spokesperson Bob Mullen said the city has met with DeKalb Sanitation and the bigger space at the City Hall parking lot should allow for a more efficient way to line people up and a more efficient processing method to try and smooth the progression through the line for all participants.

He said DeKalb Sanitation is also planning to deliver two to three times the amount of new recycle roll carts as the amount of pre-registered participants.

“Sanitation is prepared to serve more than number of people registered for this event,” said DeKalb spokesperson Suzanne Forte. “Should the roll cart inventory be fully depleted due to high demand, event participants’ applications will be accepted, and roll cart delivery will occur in the coming weeks. Residents will be provided with an approximate time frame for roll cart delivery.”

What happened Oct. 14 is that 372 residents pre-registered on the city’s website to trade in their recycle bins and, based on these numbers, DeKalb Sanitation delivered about 400 bins to Brook Run Park. More people than pre-registered showed up, however, leading DeKalb Sanitation to authorize a few truckloads for a second delivery of about 335 more recycle bins.

Many people did not want to wait around and and were given the option of signing up for home delivery, Mullen said. At the end of the event at about 1 p.m., more than 1,100 people participated when city and county officials were only expecting 372.

At the end of the day Thursday, Oct. 19, there were 228 people registered for the Oct. 22 event, Mullen said.

To register on Dunwoody’s website, visit the https://secure.rec1.com/GA/dunwoody-ga/catalog. Then select the ‘DeKalb Sanitation Recycle Bin Trade-in’ event tab and then select when you will make your trade-in. Residents will need to create an account with the Parks Registration Portal. After “Checkout” is complete, View/Print/fill out the form at https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/sanitation/why-recycle and bring that along with cash or check (if you choose to upgrade to the 65-gallon roll cart it will cost $15) and DeKalb County Sanitation will handle the swap. You also need to bring your current 18 gallon recycling box with you.

This time around, participants will park and walk up with their boxes and applications. There should be plenty of room and city officials expect the process to go much smoother.

DeKalb officials said they are again expecting a huge turnout and are saying people can also register on its website at www.dekalbsanitation.com, then download the registration form (on the home page of  www.dekalbsanitation.com under sanitation division alert)  and bring the completed form to the recycling event, according to a DeKalb spokesperson.

For more information, residents should contact the division’s customer service team at 404-294-2900 or sanitation@dekalbcountyga.gov. The division has also prepared a document answering frequently asked questions regarding the roll cart exchange process.

The events are part of DeKalb’s new policy that only county-provided green garbage roll carts, blue 65-gallon recycling roll carts, blue18-gallon recycling bins and blue 40-gallon recycling bags will be approved for garbage and recycling collection service.

Existing subscribers with 18-gallon bins must trade them in by April 30, 2018, for a complimentary 35-gallon roll cart or, for a $15 fee, subscribers can choose a 65-gallon roll cart. Existing subscribers must trade in/return the 18-gallon recycling bin prior to obtaining the complimentary 35-gallon roll cart or the 65-gallon roll cart.