Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department provided the following information which represent some of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police between Sept. 22 and Oct 5.

Capt. Steve Rose

6637 Roswell Road —A bank employee said a man came to the teller window on Sept. 22 and produced the traditional bank-robbery note that read, “Give me large bills only, no bait money, you have 30 seconds.” She did as she was told and the suspect left on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash.

8700 block of Roswell Road — On Sept. 24, a 29-year-old man reported he was in a Roswell bar and took a taxi into Sandy Springs. He wanted to stop at McDonalds but the driver did not, so the fare ended his ride somewhere near Dunwoody Place and Roswell Road. [Keep in mind this took place after 3:30 a.m.] The man said two men approached, showed a silver gun and demanded his money. He said he had none, so they took his phone.

See why your mom said, “Nothing good happens after midnight?” Generally, it does not.

7700 block of Colquitt Road — On Sept. 25, the 35-year-old victim said he was on the way to visit a friend at the apartment complex when two men in the breezeway area approached him. The two threatened him, and then stole his gold watch, diamond stud earrings, gold diamond ring and bracelet. No gun was seen nor implied.

2800 block of Spring Creek Lane — On Oct. 5, a 29-year-old man said he and another occupant of an apartment were asleep just after midnight when two men kicked in the door and assaulted them. Neither victim required medical treatment.

6900 block of Roswell Road — On Sept. 23, the resident said she took her husband to work at about 10:30 a.m. When she returned, she noticed her rent money was missing, but she assumed her husband took it. Later, they noticed that shoes and a video game had been taken. There was no forced entry.

200 block of Green Hill Road — On Sept. 24, the resident said someone came into the home through a forced (broken) window in the basement. It appears the burglar got inside, but took nothing.

6690 Roswell Road — On Sept. 26, officers met a man who said that he heard glass breaking at or near an Italian restaurant at about 4:30 a.m. He found an upstairs door ajar and glass on the floor. The items taken were not listed. The officers were able to lift several fingerprints.

5675 Roswell Road — On Sept. 27, a 34-year-old male reported that someone forced entry to his apartment while he was out of town. Missing are two queen-size mattresses, a MacBook Pro, Comcast cable box, and queen-sized sheets.

6000 block of Sandy Springs Circle — On Oct. 2, a bike shop’s alarm activated around 4 a.m. Officers found a broken window in what appeared to be an unsuccessful attempted burglary.

100 block of West Belle Isle Road —On Oct. 5, someone kicked in the laundry room door and then attempted to pry the laundry coin machine. It isn’t known if the crook got any coin.

5300 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On Sept. 25, sometime between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m., someone accessed, by force, numerous mailboxes inside the apartment community mailbox center.

5900 block of Roswell Road — On Sept. 25, an office manager for a dental practice said a former employee accessed her personal credit card and between June and August, ran up over $4,000 in charges. The same suspect is believed to have illegally used the dentist’s DEA number to write a barbiturate prescription for her husband.

5000 block of The Valley — On Sept. 26, a 37-year-old man said he rents his car out on a website called “Turo.” The victim agreed to rent the car for $2,000 for one month. After the suspect left with the car, the victim was told the credit card was stolen. The car is a 2015 BMW 328i.

500 block of Monterey Parkway — on Sept. 26, a 32-year-old man reported his 2007 Honda Civic was stolen sometime between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.
A 38-year-old woman reported that her friend, “Big Ruff,” stole her car.

200 block of Dunwoody Creek Circle — On Sept. 27, a 2010 Toyota Tundra truck was stolen from a residence sometime between 11:30 p.m. and 8 a.m.

4000 block of Riverview Road — On Oct. 2, a resident reported that a neighbor returned mail he found on an adjacent road. He believes mail was stolen from his box on or about Sept. 27.

220 Mount Vernon Highway — On Oct. 2, a construction employee at the City Springs site reported a Greenlee 855 pipe bender stolen sometime between Sept. 16 and 18.

1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy 30328 1— On Oct. 2, a 30-year-old man reported his keys were stolen from his unlocked gym locker and later used to enter his car. His credit cards and $40 cash were taken from his wallet. Two cards were tried at a big-box store in Marietta, but both were declined.

Chevaux Court— On Oct. 2, a resident said several packages have been stolen from her mailbox over the past months, including a bracelet valued at more than $1,000. She said FEDEX delivered a package around 1:45 p.m. and when she returned home at 3 p.m., it was gone.

6600 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On Oct. 2, a 36-year-old man reported his 2006 Lincoln Aviator stolen from the parking area of a university campus.

6000 block of Sandy Springs Circle — On Oct. 3, a 33-year-old woman reported she observed a man reach through a partially opened window of her car and steal her Neiman Marcus purse and its contents. He fled in a gray Infinity with a red driveout tag.

3100 River Exchange Drive — On Oct. 4, an employee for an apartment complex reported a previous employee stole four Western Union money orders that had been submitted by apartment tenants. Apparently, the suspect convinced two of the tenants to obtain blank money orders and give them to her. The time span goes back to June of this year. The money orders were cashed to the amount of just over $1,500.

5580 Roswell Road — On Oct. 4, a 46-year-old man reported that his wallet apparently fell next to his car in the parking lot of his gym. He did not notice until after he left the gym. Someone found the wallet and turned it into the front desk, minus $1,000 cash and a blank check. His credit cards and ID were still in the wallet.

6350 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On Oct. 5, a vendor at a discount big-box retailer, working a kiosk, observed a man take frozen crab cakes, enter the lunch room, heat the crab cakes, and then eat them, all without paying. He was later arrested for shoplifting the crab cakes.

Thefts from Vehicles
Between Sept. 22 and Sept. 27, eight thefts from vehicles were reported. Five thefts from vehicles were reported between Oct. 2 and Oct. 4.

2090 Dunwoody Club Drive— On Sept. 22, the employees of a bank called regarding a forgery in progress. Cops arrived minutes later and detained a man who had a check he wanted cashed for $2,370. The bank checked with the check’s issuer, who said the check was mailed to a company for $370, but never made it. The suspect was jailed on third degree forgery charges.

Abernathy/Wright Roads — On Sept. 22, a traffic-unit officer conducted a speeding stop on a motorist going about 52 mph in a 35 mph zone. The driver was identified as being wanted on a fraud warrant from Tyrone, Ga. He was arrested.