Cathy Woolard

Occupation: Public Affairs Executive

Cathy Woolard.

Previous experience holding elected offices: Atlanta City Council President, Council Member District 6

What is motivating you to run for the Mayor’s Office?

Atlanta is at a critical juncture. The city is projected to see an unprecedented surge in growth in the coming decades, and we’re already seeing growing pains in the form of rising housing costs, transit infrastructure that can’t keep up with traffic needs, and a general sense across the region that it’s becoming harder to live here. I’m running for mayor because I have a vision for Atlanta that tackles each of these issues, and I have the experience, backbone and integrity it takes to tackle them better than anyone.

What role do you see Buckhead as playing in the city’s civic life?

There’s no reason why we all can’t benefit from this city’s success. My vision for Atlanta emphasizes uplifting every corner of town, Buckhead included. Buckhead is a center for business, has beautiful, walkable neighborhoods, and is home to great schools. As mayor, I’ll work to strengthen and preserve the valuable assets Buckhead already contributes to the city, and work within the community to see that Buckhead’s needs are heard and addressed efficiently.

Are you satisfied with the Atlanta Police Department’s efforts to fight crime in the neighborhood? Would you suggest any other strategies?

The Atlanta Police Department does the best it can with limited resources. Public safety in Buckhead and across the city is a pressing concern for Atlantans, and as mayor I’ll work to improve it. That means filling out our understaffed police force’s ranks, and making sure officers have the training to deal with the challenges of policing a growing city. I want to hire at least 250 additional officers, bringing the force more in line with the city’s budget, and work with the police chief to implement incentives that will keep officers from leaving town for departments with better benefits.

What is your position on the proposal for a new park capping Ga. 400 in central Buckhead?

I’m a strong proponent of elevating public parks as centers for the arts, spaces for economic development, and as transportation hubs. Buckhead currently has the least amount of green space in Atlanta per capita, and the district deserves better. I support the new park capping Ga. 400, and as mayor I’ll work to help guide the project, making decisions that will benefit Buckhead residents and all of Atlanta well into the future.

Describe a policy or program you would enact or improve that would directly benefit Buckhead.

Buckhead shares the same transit woes as the rest of Atlanta, and making it easier for people to get to and from Buckhead as well as be mobile within the community is my number one priority for the district. As we undergo rezoning as part of the city design project, we need to make sure that density in Buckhead doesn’t overwhelm the infrastructure that supports it, and especially that transportation impact fees are spent to mitigate the impact of the project that pays for them.