State Senate District 6 will flip from red to blue next month, as two Democrats were the top vote-getters and are headed into a Dec. 5 runoff.

Jen Jordan.

The longtime Republican seat, which includes parts of Buckhead and Sandy Springs, was left vacant when Hunter Hill resigned to run for governor. Democrats Jen Jordan and Jaha Howard were the top vote-getters, at 24.43 and 22.51 percent, respectively, in unofficial results for the special election from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Howard ran unsuccessfully against Hill last year, but close enough to raise talk of a flip from Republican red to Democratic blue – political symbols of party control of a district. Jordan campaigned using the slogan “Flip the 6th,” an homage to the identical slogan Democrat Jon Ossoff used in a high-profile competition with Republican Karen Handel earlier this year in the 6th Congressional District.

Jaha Howard

The partisan switch means Republicans will lack a supermajority in the state Senate, preventing the GOP from singlehandedly overriding the governor’s vetoes or putting constitutional amendments before voters — an issue Howard ran on.

Candidates finishing out of the running were another Democrat, Taos Wynn, and five Republicans: Leah Aldridge, Matt Bentley, Kathy Eichenblatt, Charlie Fiveash and Leo Smith.

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  1. This man Jaha is an opportunistic clown, i use to take my children there because of the insurance, he made a drama about my son needing an urgent root canal, which resulted to be unnecessary.

    1. A real shame the vote is going to a party that doesn’t care about its constituents. Democrats always seem to be all talk and just enslave more people to Gov’t. They never move people up, they just selfishly move them to Gov’t dependence; all for votes. They were, and are, the party of slavery. WAKE UP people!!!

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