Mary Norwood, represented in orange, dominated the Buckhead vote in the Nov. 7 Atlanta mayoral election. Keisha Lance Bottoms, represented in green, won almost all southwest Atlanta, while Cathy Woolard, represented in pink, won most of east Atlanta. (Fulton County election results)

Mayoral candidate Mary Norwood and Republican candidates in other partisan races dominated Buckhead in the Nov. 7 election.

The busy Nov. 7 election day included the nonpartisan race for Atlanta mayor and two partisan races, Fulton County chair and state Senate District 6, among several others. Norwood and Republicans in the two partisan races won most of the Buckhead precincts, according to the unofficial vote count released by Fulton County.

While Norwood, a Buckhead resident, picked up almost all of the neighborhood vote, other candidates for mayor and Fulton County chair that live in Buckhead were not able to secure the majority of the Buckhead vote.

All but three Buckhead precincts were won by Norwood. The three she lost were in the Lindbergh area and won by Keisha Lance Bottoms, the candidate Norwood will face in the Dec. 5 runoff election. Norwood won almost no precincts not in the Buckhead area. 

The three precincts Norwood lost to Bottoms were the only three Buckhead precincts won by one of two Democratic Fulton Chair candidate, Keisha Waites.

Norwood is a longtime Buckhead resident with strong ties to the area. Peter Aman, also a candidate for mayor and a Buckhead resident, was not able to win any area precincts. But he was the only other candidate to get near the amount of votes Norwood received at Buckhead precincts she won.

Gabriel Sterling, a Republican candidate for Fulton chair and represented in blue, won almost all of Buckhead precincts. Robb Pitts is represented in dark green and Keisha Waites is represented light green. (Fulton County election results)

Robb Pitts, a Democratic candidate for Fulton chair and a Buckhead resident, won four Buckhead precincts near the neighborhood’s southern borders. All the other 30 precincts in Buckhead not won by Waites were won by the Republican candidate, Gabriel Sterling.

Despite winning almost all of the Buckhead vote, Sterling was not able to win enough votes across the rest of the county, so Waites and Pitts will run against each other in the Dec. 5 runoff.

Republican state Senate District 6 candidate Charlie Fiveash, represented in light green, won most of the Buckhead precincts. Republican candidate Leah Aldridge is represented in dark green and Democratic candidate Jen Jordan is represented in purple. (Fulton County election results)

In the state Senate District 6 race, a seat that represents some of Buckhead and Sandy Springs, two Republicans won most Buckhead precincts. Republicans Charlie Fiveash and Leah Aldridge together won 10 precincts. Democratic candidate Jen Jordan won four.

Similar to the Fulton chair race, despite winning most of the Buckhead precincts, no Republicans will compete in the Dec. 5 runoff. The runoff will be between Jordan and another Democratic candidate, Jaha Howard.

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