With more than 10 million views on his YouTube channel, Adam Ben Ezra has become a star on the Internet.

His unique style of playing the double bass combined with skills on other instruments and the ability to craft videos that draw the viewer into his whimsical musical worlds have brought the Israeli musician onto the world stage.  Ben Ezra picked up the violin at the age of 5, the guitar at 9 and the piano at 10.  He taught himself how to play clarinet, flute, oud and percussion.  The double bass became his instrument of choice because of its versatility.  He plucks it, plays it with a bow, uses it as a drum and with petals and synthesizers turns it into a band. Ben Ezra also sings.

He uses the Internet and especially YouTube to get his music out to millions. Sometimes it is a cover that captures attention, like the videos he did of theme songs from “Seinfeld” and “South Park.”  Often it is his own creations that form the theme of the videos.  His music is infused with jazz, rock and Arabic influences. Ben Ezra says he doesn’t wait for inspiration, but pays attention as he practices on piano or double bass for a chord progression that might carry a song.  He says once he gets a melody he plays it over and over to discover a song that he feels will resonate with his audience.

Ben Ezra’s latest solo album was recorded in front of a live audience, when a group of fans gathered in a studio to listen to him record the album in one take. He says they were so quiet you could “hear a pin drop.”  “Pin Drop” also happens to be the name of the album.

Ben Ezra will kick off his first North American tour on Thursday, Nov. 16, 7:30 p.m. at the West Village at Tech, 532 8th Street NW (parking available in the Curran Street deck). He says he looks forward to meeting the audience after the concert and to giving a master class at Tech while he is in town.

For tickets and information, visit this link.

Franklin Abbott is an Atlanta psychotherapist and writer.  Visit his blog at www.tenminutemuse.wordpress.com