Prado Perimeter Center LLC’s proposed hotel at 121 Perimeter Center West still has not gained the full support of city officials, with the Planning Commission voting last month to recommend approval of only two of the three special land use permit requests.

The Planning Commission’s Oct. 10 vote follows its two prior deferrals of the project, in September and October. Prado Perimeter Center’s plan involves adding a 7-story, AC-brand hotel, a 5-story parking garage and a large restaurant alongside an existing building that houses a SunTrust Bank and a Tin Lizzy’s restaurant in a 3-story building.

The proposed site plan for a hotel project at 121 Perimeter Center West. (City of Dunwoody)

“We support the plan, just not in its current version,” said Community Development Director Richard McLeod. “They need to tweak some things before we can be fully on board. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be taking down a lot of trees, some of them large trees.”

At the Oct. 10 Planning Commission meeting, members voted to deny recommending approval of one SLUP that would allow developers to vary the “primary street type” requirement in the Perimeter Center Overlay along Olde Perimeter Way, an east-west driveway through the property.

Olde Perimeter Way is listed as a primary street in the city’s zoning code and requires a 4-foot bike path, a 6-foot street buffer and a 10-foot sidewalk to the building. Developers argue they should not be required to make the changes because Olde Perimeter Way is a private driveway.

The commission did agree to a SLUP to vary the “minor parkway street type” requirements by allowing the developer not to build a 12-foot multiuse path on Perimeter Center Place, but instead to replace it with a 4-foot bike path and an 8-foot sidewalk separated by a 6-foot street buffer. The bike path is located on the road, according to the developer’s site plan.

Commissioners also voted to recommend approval for the developer to build a 7-story hotel; current zoning only allows for two stories.

Some conditions the Planning Commission put on the project include:

  • A single-story standalone restaurant space can be built, enclosing up to 10,000 square
  • A standalone, two-lane bank drive-through at Sun Trust is allowed;
  • Once no longer required by Tin Lizzy’s lease, a shed located on the western side of the
    existing 3-story office building will be removed;
  • The existing Sun Trust sign on Perimeter Center West will come into full compliance
    with city code within 12 months of the issuance of a building permit for the new
    proposed development;
  • For any trees removed that cannot be replaced on site, the funds paid into the tree
    bank should go to planting trees within Perimeter Center.