The Peachtree Battles Antiques building, located at 2395 Peachtree Road, has been placed on the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2018 “Places in Peril” list. (Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation)

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation has placed a Buckhead building on its 2018 “Places in Peril” list, a yearly list of 10 historic buildings that are threatened with demolition or could be lost.

The building placed on the list was designed in 1929 to house the National Library Bindery company, the Southeast’s first library bindery, and is one of the oldest remaining structures on Peachtree Road, according to the Georgia Trust. Today the building is home to Peachtree Battle Antiques and is located at 2395 Peachtree Road.

The building’s owner, Branch Properties, received a permit last year from the city of Atlanta to demolish the building and construct a new apartment building.

“While Branch Properties later agreed to save an undetermined amount of the façade, nothing is certain at this point,” the Georgia Trust said.

The hope of the list is to draw attention to threatened historic properties and preserve them, Mark McDonald, the president and CEO of the Georgia Trust.

“We hope the list will continue to bring preservation solutions to Georgia’s imperiled historic resources by highlighting ten representative sites,” McDonald said in a statement.

The Bobby Jones Golf Course clubhouse was previously placed on the list in 2016, but does not appear on the list this year. Preservationists feared the clubhouse would be demolished or neglected after the golf course was transferred to the state. The new renovations call for building a new clubhouse and the old clubhouse was no longer needed. A recent plan has called for turning the clubhouse into a recital hall. 

3 replies on “Buckhead building makes Georgia Trust’s ‘Places in Peril’ list”

  1. Preserving history by retreating from the century long wrecking ball mentality of Atlanta developers and political leaders is imperative to maintaining the unique character of our city. There are not many properties left like this one. Hopefully it can be saved. Thanks for this article as well as the one about Bobby Jones golf course clubhouse. Without your astute journalism most citizens are unaware of these happenings.

  2. Definitively an old fab building. What has to be done to halt the march of unnecessary high rise, mid rise apartments and live-work centers. Our city has very little history remaining. And very little charm! What can we do??

  3. STAHP!!!! Has anyone asked native Atlantans what changes we want/approve in our city?!! We are losing all of the “charm” and “local” feel to our town that attracted new folks to move in her in the first place!!!

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