The Fulton County Board of Education is publicly rejecting the city of Sandy Springs’ call for a new North Springs Charter High School building.

In a letter to city leaders also issued as a press release, board president Lynda Bryant wrote that the board currently lacks legal authority to build a new school. “Furthermore, based upon our assessments to date, there is not an identified need to replace the facility,” she wrote.

North Springs Charter High School as pictured in a Citizens for a New North Springs presentation.

The letter is in response to a Nov. 7 City Council resolution and a personal letter from Mayor Rusty Paul that backed a call from a community group called Citizens for a New North Springs, which believes the 1963 building at 7447 Roswell Road is too outdated for modern learning, safety and teacher retention.

The school is scheduled to receive a major renovation and addition, and an architectural survey for that is underway. CFANNS sees that as a foot in the door for possible replacement of the entire building, but Fulton County Schools officials have repeatedly said that is not the case.

To city leaders, the idea of a new school building dovetails with city plans to spark redevelopment of older apartment complexes and shopping centers along northern Roswell Road. In addition, City Councilmember-elect Jody Reichel is a CFANNS co-founder.

Bryant’s letter, issued on behalf of the entire board, says that North Springs is safe and in generally good condition, with the upcoming renovations and addition fixing the aging parts. The letter also says that, while the school was indeed built in 1963, only about 35 percent of the structure, based on square-footage, dates to that time, with the rest being additions built since 1993.

“We are confident that our processes and procedures that have led to the proposed renovation of NSHS is the right course of action,” Bryant wrote.