Brookhaven’s Code Enforcement department recently issued a notice of violation to the owner of the house at 1302 Brooklawn Road and ordered him to immediately stop renting out rooms and also to stop advertising the house on Airbnb.

The house at 1302 Brooklawn Road as listed for rent on Airbnb. (Special)

The house’s owner, Judd Vollbrecht, denied the allegations, according to city documents. He could not be reached immediately for comment.

The notice of violation, which accuses him of violating city ordinances, was issued Nov. 13 following an investigation started after the city received numerous complaints from neighbors and an on-site investigation by code enforcement officers.

The notice of violation ordered Vollbrecht to immediately remove the Airbnb web advertisement of his house. However, on Nov. 20, the house was still listed on Airbnb and was advertised as a 5-bedroom house that can hold 12 guests. Rent was listed at $375 a night. The description of the house on Airbnb’s website also included a note that there was a finished basement set up as a studio apartment with a private entrance and that the owner sometimes stays there when renting the main house.

Houses used as short-term rentals on a primary or consistent basis are considered a commercial application and therefore not allowed in a residential zoning, according to city code.

Vollbrecht also was issued a notice of violation for not operating a home business in the house according to city code. Vollbrecht operates a business in the basement of the house where he meets with renters of the house, according to city documents. City code prohibits personal contact with customers in a home business.

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  1. Why is Councilman Joe Gebbia allowed to promote Airbnb without at the same time disclosing that his son is a founder? Perhaps there should be a city code against THAT.

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