Ardent Companies is seeking to rezone a 17-acre tract of land that includes 30 single-family houses on Bramblewood Drive and two residential properties fronting Buford Highway to make room for a 226-unit townhome development. The development is estimated at 12.84 units per acre.

Bramblewood Drive, off Buford Highway, where a developer plans to replace all existing single-family homes with a townhome project. (Google Earth)

A community meeting to learn more about the proposed project is set for Monday, Dec. 4, at 6 p.m. at Briarwood Recreation Center, 2235 Briarwood Way. Ardent Companies is slated to go before the city Planning Commission on Jan. 3 to seek the rezoning and to the City Council on Jan. 28.

The houses on Bramblewood Drive are zoned R-75 (single-family residential) and the properties on Buford Highway are zoned O-I (office industrial) and RM-75 (multi-family residential). Ardent Companies is asking all the properties be zoned RM-75.

The proposed townhome development is tucked between The Regency Woods Apartments on Buford Highway and the Park Towne North Apartments on North Cliff Valley Way. It is also adjacent to Cross Keys High School, which is slated to become a new middle school. The Villas at Druid Hills apartments are across the street from the proposed townhomes and Northeast Plaza is located just northeast of the project.

A letter filed with the city states Ardent Companies has the 17 acres under contract.

Ardent Companies is currently constructing a 95-unit townhome complex where the Park Villa apartments and some single-family homes were once located.

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  1. Jackson Square Condominiums is directly across the street from this development.

    This development is too high density 226 Townhomes on acreage that only 30 homes occupied..this development will cause a huge amount of water to drain down into the Jackson Square Community and into the future Peachtree Creek Park.

    Flooding already exists in the Jackson Square community and this project will put 24 townhomes in the Jackson Square community in a greater threat of being flooded

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