The Brookhaven City Council updated its recent amendment to its walls and fences ordinance at the Nov. 28 meeting to clarify fence height and design requirements.

The amended ordinance requires residents to get a permit from the city’s Community Development Department prior to installing a wall, fence or retaining wall. This includes submitting an application to the city.

The ordinance now includes these requirements:

  • No wall or fence will be more than 4 feet in height between the front of the primary structure and the right of way and no more than 8 feet along all other property lines.
  • Building walls or fences is prohibited in the city’s right of way, unless approval is granted by the city.
  • No wall or fence can be placed or maintained within the triangular area formed at the intersection of a street right-of-way lines as indicated in the illustration.
  • Fences and walls over 3 feet tall shall be designed with a column or decorative element every 8 feet “to provide architectural variations and eliminate large expanses of blank area.
  • Column, post and ornament heights are permitted to exceed the maximum height up to 2 feet.
  • No wall or fence shall be permitted along a road frontage of a residential development or subdivision that is more than 50 percent opaque.
  • Hedges and other vegetation shall be considered fences if planted and arranged in such a manner to enclose, partially enclose or separate the subject property.
  • Chain link fences are prohibited in the front of a single-family home and along the right-of-way of multiple frontage lots zoned residential.
  • No fences on residential property are allowed to have barbed wire, spikes or similar devices or have an electric charge.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

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  1. Fencing I understand but we are policing hedges and vegetation now? 3ft boxwoods in front a porch are now illegal? This coming from the same crew that had to reverse decision on a gate because they were told they would lose the lawsuit.

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