State Sen. John Albers.

State Sen. John Albers, who represents part of Sandy Springs, has prefiled legislation that would cap increases in property assessments at 3 percent annually in areas served by the Fulton County School District.

The legislation comes in response to sharp increases in Fulton County property assessments received by residents earlier this year. The assessments were later withdrawn and residents were taxed on the lower 2016 levels, but residents face the same increases in following years unless legislation passes. However, if Albers’ legislation does pass, it would not take affect until January 2019.

“It is my absolute intention to pass this legislation during the next legislation session,” Albers said in a press release. “We must do all we can to protect our citizens and make sure they are not dealt the same card twice like the tax fiasco they experienced earlier this year.”

If the bill is approved by the General Assembly, it would go before the voters in areas of the county served the Fulton County School District, which means it would not affect Buckhead or any other areas of Atlanta within Fulton County. The vote would be held May 22, 2018.

State Sen. Fran Millar.

“It is imperative that we pass this legislation, give the citizens an opportunity to vote and show those who elect us that we can fix what is broken by providing solutions quickly and efficiently,” Millar said in the statement.

Albers has also prefiled legislation that would cap property tax increases in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park and Roswell, but Sandy Springs already has a similar cap.

State Sen. Fran Millar, who represents Dunwoody, is co-sponsoring the legislation.

“This legislation is important to the citizens of Fulton County and serves as a way to keep the citizens of these cities involved in the tax assessment process,” Millar said in a statement. “While we are taking the first step in the Senate to keep what happened last year from repeating itself, it’s up to the citizens of these cities to vote for these changes.”