Karen Handel’s column that recently appeared in the Reporter amounted to an attempt to put lipstick on a pig when it comes to the Republican tax cut. (“GOP tax reform would help local families,” Nov. 24.)

In her column, Handel did what Donald Trump does best, which is lie through his teeth.

The GOP tax plans amount to a massive giveaway to the wealthy and wealthy corporations. For every dollar of tax relief that benefits the middle class, fully nine dollars of tax cuts goes to the wealthy and wealthy corporations.

This tax ripoff conclusively proves that Republican politicians are slaves of the rich. Favoring the rich is in the GOP DNA. This GOP tax plan will transfer billions of dollars of wealth from the bottom to the top, massively grow income inequality, and blow a trillion-and-a- half-dollar hole in the deficit. The Trump family will receive a billion-dollar windfall from this outrageous tax plan.

The GOP politicians are massively cutting taxes on the rich in the expectation that the rich will show their appreciation over the GOP greed grab by showering massive campaign contributions on those GOP politicians who vote for this outrage.

Having blown a massive hole in the deficit, the GOP congressmen will attempt to pay for the deficit they caused with savage cuts to the social safety net including cuts to Medicare, Social Security and Obamacare. How many seniors will lose their nursing room care? How many Americans will go hungry after they lose their food stamps?

It is simply outrageous that the GOP would do away with the Estate Tax which is only paid by the superrich and the Alternative Minimum Tax which ensures that the wealthy pay something.

This GOP greed grab violates foundational Christian principles, including Christ’s injunction that “as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” The Trump tax cut would actually raise taxes of the least of these while savaging the social safety net the least of these depend on in order to pay for obscene tax cuts for the wealthy.

In their servitude to the rich, the Republicans violate the Biblical injunction that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. The GOP tax plan is pure evil. It could be persuasively argued that it is the work of Satan, especially given the suffering that will result from this class warfare that will enrich the rich.

The moral issue of our time is growing income inequality, which would be made worse by this evil GOP giveaway to the rich. It is time for a vicious and remorseless redistribution of wealth from the 1 percenters, who own so much of America’s wealth, to the middle-class, working-class and poor, who are cash-strapped.

Forget the GOP class warfare. It is time for righteous class warfare that would benefit the many and not the few.

Keith Watkins


4 replies on “Letter: GOP tax cuts are pure evil”

  1. I would like to comment on the article by W. Keith Watkins regarding the Republican tax plan. A meaningful analysis was welcome but when he used the words evil, lie lied through his teeth, massive giveaway, ripoff, savage cuts, vicious and remorseless and righteous class warfare, I realized that this person is nothing more than a left wing zealot and any analysis he may have wanted to provide was lost in his excessive left wing speak. I would welcome a thoughtful debate on the tax plan but I don’t think that would ever happen with Mr. Watkins.

    What we need right now is serious people and serious debate and not people who use such ridiculous words to describe an important issue. There are pros and cons in this tax plan. I welcome logical comments on both sides.

  2. Keith, I applaud your analysis of the situation and calling a spade a spade.
    Judy, your use of loaded political labeling and rhetoric is an unfortunate tactic used to distract the discussion. Right-wing, left-wing, the impact of this plan will be devastating to the people who have earned and need a safety net. All for the benefit of the few who are already doing extremely well. That is the point and political rhetoric is only distracting and unhelpful.

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