Editor’s note: This is a version of a letter originally sent to U.S. Rep. Karen Handel.

I read your recent commentary in the Reporter Newspaper. (“GOP tax reform would help local families,” Nov. 24.)

Your statement that the house plan is a “meaningful overhaul” is a canard. The plan provides for reduced tax revenues for the top quintile of richest citizens—whereas middle-income families only get a token percentage of the total reduced share. The top gets 89 percent of the reduced federal revenue package, whereas most us in the 6th District only participate in the just under 4 percent of the reduced revenue plan.

How, Karen, does that equate to a tax plan that helps families? Especially when the house plan calls for the elimination of the child and dependent deduction, but enables a 30 percent reduction in the federal revenue from capital and investment gains?

The truth is, Karen, that there are two myths at work in our politics today—that big government is bad and that no government is better. That you extol the virtues of a plan that will add $10 trillion to America’s public debt is bordering on the insane. I cannot support any plan that will burden my children or those of my neighbors with more debt.

I suggest you focus on things that are more important to your constituents.

I have some suggestions for you:

  1. A national equal pay amendment: Ensure that women get the 20 percent more that corporations already pay their male counterparts. Give Georgia women and families that, and automatically America gets what she deserves: A raise.
  2. Education Reform that supports STEM: Georgia is booming. But, the high-tech and machine-based factories and companies that want to move here cannot get enough qualified workers. There is plenty of opportunity out there—our education system is behind. I support tax reform that lifts higher STEM and vocational training.
  3. Infrastructure: It’s Planes, Trains and Automobiles. And Boats, Bridges, Pipelines, Water Pipes and Treatment Plants, Intermodal, Powerlines, Ports, Waterways, Telecom, Transit and Data Transmission. Anyone driving the top of the Perimeter these days knows a tax cut ain’t gonna get you anywhere faster.

That should be enough for you to get you started, Karen. This citizen voter expects more from you.

Brian Zelis


5 replies on “Letter: Handel’s tax-cut argument is a canard”

  1. You do realize DeKalb and Fulton Counties overwhelmingly approved Transportation Sales Tax increases that will put the largest burden on the 15% of the population living in poverty? And the proceeds won’t come close to the funding promises.

    I thought they were largely Democratic leaning counties, too. I guess you never know.

  2. Thank you Brian for a very specific and cogent assessment of Congresswoman Handel’s distortions of reality regarding the tax plan. It is a moral travesty and anyone who supports it should hang their head in shame.

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