DeKalb schools will make up days canceled for inclement weather by canceling a Feb. 16 vacation day and a March 9 teacher workday.

Students will now attend class on those days instead to make up two of the four days schools were closed this month due to snow and ice, the DeKalb County School District announced in a press release.

“Protecting our instructional time is key to supporting student achievement. Making up lost time on those dates is prudent and the least disruptive of the options that were considered,” said Superintendent and CEO R. Stephen Green in a press release.

The school district will issue a survey “in the coming weeks” to get community feedback on how to make up the other two days. Potential make up day options could include a virtual learning day, the addition of a learning period to the regular school day, among others, DeKalb said.

“For the third and fourth day, we will diligently survey a cross section of parents, teachers, principals, teacher organizations, parent-teacher organizations, parent council groups, and school council members to determine the best option for our students and families,” Green said in the press release.

The district has committed to keep the current President’s Day, spring break and last day of school as scheduled, it said in a press release.