The Brookhaven City Council voted Feb. 13 to approve spending $200,000 to initiate the process of building a $15 million police station and court building.

The DeKalb County Special Local Option Sales Tax approved by voters in November will provide $15 million over six years for the public safety facility.

“We have to build a new police facility,” Assistant City Manager Steve Chapman said after the council meeting.

He said the $200,000 will be used to find an architectural firm to help design and find a location for the new building. The $200,000 is part of an amendment to the city’s 2018 budget and will be reimbursed to the city when it begins receiving SPLOST funds. Collections for the SPLOST begins April 1 and the city should begin receiving its allocation from DeKalb County by June.

The Brookhaven Police Department currently rents a building at 2665 Buford Highway. The building is also shared by the city’s Municipal Court.

“We really need it,” Chief Gary Yandura said. “We’re renting storage spaces in the city just to store evidence.”

Yandura said he’d like the new facility to be located on Buford Highway because of its central location and easy access to the interstate and major roads to reach other areas of the city.

The countywide SPLOST that increased the sales tax from 7 percent to 8 percent is expected to bring in more than $47 million over six years to the city.

The council agreed that $15 million would go toward public safety facilities and equipment; $14 million would go toward road pavement management; another $11.1 million would be used for transportation improvements; and $7 million would go to maintenance of existing capital assets.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

5 replies on “$200K approved to begin process for new Brookhaven Police station”

  1. I’m not sure what the real reason is they want it on Buford Hwy but it’s not because of its central location in Brookhaven. Look at a map of the city of Brookhaven.

  2. The new police station should be in a central location elsewhere in Brookhaven, not on Buford Highway.

    The reason reason the station was located there is because it’s a high crime area.

  3. Crime has gone up every year despite the fact that we now have a police budget twice the cost we were paying DeKalb Police. Crime was trending down with DeKalb Police and we didn’t have children kidnapped or giant drug seizures in Brookhaven. Now they was another $20 million from us. We got better results for less when contracting our police services to DeKalb. Go back to contracting with DeKalb and use that $20 million for parks or roads that still need major improvements!

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