A large Colonial-style house at 7775 Jett Ferry Road is the location proposed to become a new Sandy Springs’ panhandle-area fire station, the city has revealed following a Reporter Newspapers open records request.

The city previously announced a March 27 community meeting to discuss the fire station proposal, but would not say exactly where the station would go, citing a pending land purchase.

The house at 7775 Jett Ferry Road that Sandy Springs proposes as the location for a new fire station. (Google Earth)

The precise plan for the property has yet to be revealed, but city officials previously said they were considering converting a residential property into a firehouse.

The property is near Jett Ferry’s intersection with Spalding Drive and close to the Dunwoody Country Club. It is in a residential area of large, single-family homes on big lots, with one home directly across the street and another immediately behind it.

The four-bedroom, brick house at 7775 Jett Ferry features a two-story, column-supported pediment and a semicircular driveway. For tax purposes, its value is assessed at $369,000, according to Fulton County property records. The city did not immediately say what the purchase price would be or whether the deal has been completed.

A Fulton County property records map showing 7775 Jett Ferry Road highlighted in red.

The current owner listed in property records is David Davoudpour, who is the CEO of the restaurant franchise company Shoney’s, according to media reports and social media profiles. He is known for rehabbing the Buckhead tower at 255 East Paces Ferry Road housing a Capital Grille steakhouse. He could not immediately be reached for comment.

Davoudpour also owns an adjacent triangle of wooded, undeveloped land at the Jett Ferry/Spalding intersection. It is unclear whether the fire station deal involves that property as well.

The panhandle is the northeastern arm of the city that extends between the Chattahoochee River and northern Dunwoody. The proposed fire station location is about three-quarters of a mile from the Dunwoody border.

Fire response times have been a longtime concern in the panhandle. Sandy Springs currently has a truck housed just across the border in Roswell under a mutual aid agreement. But a new fire station within that part of the city has long been proposed. The proposed fire station is roughly in the middle of the panhandle.

City budget memos previously proposed construction a panhandle fire station in 2018 and 2019 for about $4 million, to be entirely paid for with impact fees paid by developers. A new fire truck to serve that area was ordered last year and will be delivered soon, officials previously said.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. It would almost certainly have to involve the undeveloped lot so that the station could be fronted onto Spalding Dr to be viable. The intersection at Spalding and Jett Ferry is far too awkward to have responding fire trucks coming south on Jett Ferry. you can barely see vehicles coming from that direction when you are stopped at the stop signs on Spalding.

    1. I would think with sirens and light flashing, being seen wouldn’t be a problem with them getting out of Jett Ferry…. Now the neighbors will probably not enjoy that part of having a firehouse next door, but they would certainly be the safest people in the Panhandle….

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