A sign touting the future home of “Dunwoody Bank & Trust” at the the Mount Vernon Road and Vermack Road intersection was nothing but an April Fools joke, part of an occasional tradition in the city where pranksters place a sign to promote a fictitious development.

This sign appeared April 1 at the corner of Mount Vernon Road and Vermack Road, where more than 100 trees were recently cut down to make way for future intersection improvements. There is no bank being built at the site.

On April 1, people traveling past the intersection where some 150 trees were recently cut down as part of a future intersection improvement plan were greeted by a sign stating a Dunwoody Bank & Trust was “coming soon.” The phone number listed on the sign takes callers to an Atlanta time and temperature recording.

Councilmember Terry Nall tweeted about the sign on April 2, saying he’d received personal calls from concerned residents. But, no, there is not a bank coming to the site. The unidentified pranksters are playing on the ongoing local joke of Dunwoody’s reputation as a city filled with banks, including having its own nickname, “Bankwoody.”

Nall said the signs appear regularly, but some years are skipped. There hasn’t been one in the past few years, though.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.