The Dunwoody Community Development Department is seeking a meeting with the builders of planned townhomes in Dunwoody Village after plans submitted did not include master bedrooms on the main floor or the option for elevators as required in the rezoning ordinance.

No permits to build the townhomes will be issued until the matter is resolved, according to city officials. Some residents raised concerns about the plans after an open house was held over the weekend.

“The city is aware of the situation and has asked the builders to come in and speak with the Community Development Department,” Communications Director Bob Mullen said in an April 16 email.

“Elevators and master on main units are part of the conditions of zoning and those elements were not included in the marketing materials which were on display at an open house the builders held this past weekend. The Community Development Department is currently under instructions to not issue any permits for any of the units,” Mullen added.

Mullen said the builder, Lennar, submitted plans to the city in mid-March that also did not include master on main or elevators.

“The builders submitted plans in mid-March and those did not include elevators nor master on mains, hence the reason for the meeting with the Community Development department and the instructions not to issue permits,” Mullen stated. “Those elements were not in either the plans submitted nor in the marketing materials.”

Two years ago, the mayor and City Council approved rezoning 8.38 acres of property on the eastern side of Dunwoody Village Parkway, just north of its intersection with Mount Vernon Road, from business to residential so a developer can build 14 multi-unit buildings for a 79-unit townhome development.

As part of the rezoning, the city mandated that 10 percent of the units have master bedrooms on the main floor, also known as “master on main.”

An option for elevators for units without master on main was also required as part of the rezoning.

A request for comment from Lennar was not immediately returned.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.