Patrick Thompson

Occupation: Business Executive for Renewable Energy, VP at CloudBank

Patrick Thompson

Previous experience holding elected offices: None.

Other community service experience: 20 years as a BSA Scoutmaster, Georgia Water Coalition, Sierra Club, Chattahoochee Riverkeepers, Must Ministries, Drake House, North Fulton Charities, Appalachian Trail Club, Blue Green Alliance, Red Cross, area food banks and career networking groups.

Why should voters choose you for this position?

If voters seek a return to public service and integrity from the people who represent them, I’m their candidate. I accept no corporate or industry money. Constituents get a legislative agenda that’s responsive and effective – not based on groups from outside the state that cost Georgians jobs, waste tax dollars and generate negative results. We’ve wasted taxpayer money on paying for other states to have healthcare, shifted taxes regressively, passed irresponsible gun measures and discriminatory measures while seeking no transit solutions, no teacher raises and closing hospitals. Georgia needs new ideas. I pledge allegiance to the people.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it?

The risk of losing homes, businesses and lives from the rising costs of healthcare insurance and pharmaceuticals. Accept Medicaid expansion while striving for better national solutions that remove insurance and pharma companies from between us and our medical professionals. Develop smaller clinics with rotating services and the use of allied health professionals, paramedics, substance abuse professionals and physician assistants to fill some of the gaps in care consistency. Use of telemedicine to extend expertise availability. An investment in health professional training would provide better outcomes, attack the opioid crisis, and prepare for Georgia’s growing senior and mental health services segments.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.