Dunwoody Police recently released its 2017 crime report which shows a downward trend in most crime, but an upward tick in motor vehicle thefts.

In 2017, the police department reported 107 motor vehicle thefts compared to 88 in 2016. That is the only category to see a jump.

There was a significant drop in crimes against people, such as murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, with police reporting a total of 60 such crimes in 2017 compared to 83 in 2016. That’s a 27.7 percent decrease, according to the report.

In 2017, there was one unlawful homicide; there were no homicides in 2016. Agustin Contreras Pulido was killed in October and his body found in the 4600 block of Peachtree Place Parkway. No arrest has been made in this case, according to police spokesperson Sgt. Robert Parsons.

Reports of burglaries and larcenies also dropped in 2017. There were 1,784 larcenies, such as shoplifting, reported in 2017; in 2016, police reported 1,822 larcenies. There were 142 burglaries in 2017 compared to 157 in 2016.

Total property crimes, which includes burglaries, larcenies and motor vehicle thefts, totaled 2,033 in 2017 compared to 2,067 such crimes in 2016, for a 1.6 percent decrease.

Officers were kept busy in 2017 with 1,929 cases assigned; 484 warrants issued, and 2,149 pieces of evidence gathered and processed, according to the report. The amount of evidence processed dropped from 2,229 in 2016.

In 2017, officers filed 5,644 incident reports compared to 5,867 in 2016. Accident reports were up slightly, from 2,979 in 2016 to 3,020 in 2017.

Citations issues saw a sharp increase, from 7,228 in 2016 to 8,498 in 2017. Officers conducted 462 field interviews in 2017 while only conducting 291 in 2016.

Total arrests dropped slightly, also. In 2017, officers made 2,265 arrests while making 2,299 arrests in 2016, for a small dip of 1.5 percent.

Of those total arrests, there were 122 DUI arrests in 2017 compared to 132 in 2016. Police made 114 narcotics arrests in 2017, down from 198 in 2016.

And arrests of wanted persons remained the same at 172 for both years.

Calls for service also decreased in 2017.

Officers responded to 3,408 alarm calls in 2017 while making 3,515 alarm responses in 2016. Domestic calls dropped from 688 in 2016 to 659 in 2017.

In 2017, there were 104 use of force reports made in 79 incidents, according to the report. Use of force is defined as the “display of a firearm or Taser in a confrontational manner, the deployment of a firearm or Taser, physical force beyond soft hand contact and the destruction of a rabid or seriously injured animal.”

There were also 12 complaints filed against 13 officers in 2017. In-car video and body camera recordings were used to clear all but one of the complaints, according to the report.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.