Kelley Knight

Kelley Knight’s passion for spiritual growth and life coaching, plus the drive to uplift women, led her to open Modern Mystic at Ponce City Market.

“We have a heart centered business,” Knight says. “My life personally started to take off with my tarot reading business when I was able to integrate both sides of me and say, ‘This is me in my totality.’ I don’t have to pick one or the other.”

Knight opened Modern Mystic in 2016 as a contemporary metaphysical store. The space sells intentionally made goods that Knight was naturally drawn to, ranging from crystals and cards to pillows and prints. For the first six or nine months, Knight ran Modern Mystic by herself, opening the shop in the mornings and reading tarot cards in the afternoon, until Knight’s husband, Brandon, started working there full time last year. The shop has been so popular that it doubled its space last year.

“I’m actually very surprised by how much I love to run this business,” Knight said. “It’s interesting because I’m not particularly money motivated, but I love the fact that we created a store that’s helping people enrich their lives and connect with their intuition.”

Kelley arranges books inside the Modern Mystic shop at Ponce City Market.

Whether by reading energies or research, Knight says women have a sense of permission from culture to explore mysticism more freely than men. It’s a leaning she doesn’t condone, but it did help her recognize Modern Mystic is popular with women between the ages of 25 to 45 years old. With a feminine feel in mind, Knight found it only fitting to employ a staff of women. Her team of eight is currently all female, each committed to building community of spiritual growth.

“I feel so motivated to lift women up,” Knight says. “I’m so fortunate to be a female entrepreneur that gets to live a dream life. The more I step into that, the more I want that for everyone I get into contact with.”

Spiritual growth can often look similar to religious education. This past spring, Modern Mystic started offering Sunday school classes each week before the shop opens at 11a.m. The hour-long classes cover a metaphysical topic and often include guest speakers from around Atlanta who discuss everything from the basics of meditation to angelic communication.

Modern Mystic is located on the second floor above the Central Food Hall at Ponce City Market, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave. For more, visit

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