The preschool at St. James United Methodist Church has brought in some assistance to help teach kids enrolled in their preschool about patience and responsibility, and they include chickens, quail and flowers.

The church preschool, which is located at 4400 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road in Buckhead, started a garden in 2017 and has since expanded with more chicks and quail from eggs that were hatched in the school offices.

A St. James preschool student waters plants in the school garden.
Left, St. James preschool students learn about growing plants in the school garden. (Evelyn Andrews)

“The kids love it because they saw them when they were tiny and now they’re hatched,” Susan Viers, the preschool director, said of the quail eggs.

The children are shown how to make simple food out of the vegetables and plants that are harvested, Viers said, and raising the chickens teaches them more about where food comes from and about responsibility.

St. James preschool students greet chickens in the school garden. (Evelyn Andrews)

Although school is not in session, the church has several camps throughout the summer with children who regularly visit the garden, Viers said.
Right now, the garden is full of tomatoes and peppers, Viers said. Pumpkin seeds were recently planted with plans for the children to harvest them in the fall, she said.

Viers said the students have learned about growing vegetables, germination of seeds and parts of a plant.

A St. James preschool student waters plants in the school garden. (Evelyn Andrews)

The students water their plants every day, and through the lessons, students are inspired to ask questions and seek answers through their own research and observations, she said.

They also keep a journal in which they will illustrate what they have seen and done while in the garden area.

“When the kids come by, they are just amazed,” Viers said.