Above: Nelson is one of the older animals available for adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society. All photos courtesy of the Atlanta Humane Society.

Pets are a big part of many of our families. They offer companionship, unconditional love and even can motivate us to exercise and get outside to meet other animal lovers.

If you’re considering bringing a pet into your home, think about adopting an older cat or dog. According to the Atlanta Humane Society’s website, “there are many situations in which an older pet would be much more suitable.”


For example, puppies and kittens require a lot of time and energy to house train and to help them develop proper social skills. That’s not an issue with older animals.

“If you seek a pet with certain personality traits, it is much more likely that you will find the right companion to fit your lifestyle if the candidate is at least six months old,” the website states. “If you don’t have the patience or energy for a teenager, you should consider an adult dog or cat — at least a year to eighteen months old. They learn quickly, have more coordination and control over their physical functions, and have more predictable natures.”


The Atlanta Humane Society has two Atlanta locations, making it easier than ever to find your new best friend. Andif you’d like to spend time with animals but aren’t able to take one home, consider volunteering at Atlanta Humane Society.

Scrap is a 1-year-old goofball and a staff favorite. He gets along great with other dogs, and he knows several basic commands — including his signature “bang, bang, roll over” trick. Scrap is currently in foster care, so email Kelly at kteasley@atlantahumane.orgif you’d like to meet him.

Lady Georgia

At the Howell Mill Campus

Lady Georgia is a 3-year-old mixed breed cutie who would make the perfect apartment dog since she’s just under 20 pounds. She’d prefer to be the only dog in her future home, and this regal lady is ready to be the queen of your household.


Gladys, a 6-year-old angelic sweetie, has a unique feature — no teeth. Nope, not even one! No worries though, she’ll just need to eat wet food for the rest of her life.

Grandmother Willow

Grandmother Willow is as wise and serene as her Pocahontas namesake from the Disney film. She’s an older independent lady looking for the perfect place to spend her retirement years.

Nelson (pictured above), a 7-year-old heartthrob, will make you melt with his stunning smile and gentle eyes. He’s a friend to everyone he meets…and he’s working on losing a few pounds. If you’re looking for a workout buddy, look no further than Nelson.

At the Mansell Campus


Butterscotch is a long-haired, 13-year-old beauty who’s looking for a place to call home. She’s a little shy at first, but once she knows she’s safe, you’ll have a lap cat forever. Butterscotch eats a specialized diet to treat a medical condition, but it’s no big deal.


Joy enjoys playing with other dogs, and he’d love to have a canine friend in his future home. This cutie can be a little shy at first, but a few treats will make him your new best friend.

Tilly (pictured above) arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society when her owner moved to college and wasn’t able to take her along. She gets along with other cats, and her beautiful grey coat and green eyes are stunning. Tilly’s sweet demeanor is sure to win you over.


June, a lovely 2-year-old, mixed breed cutie, would prefer to be the only dog in her future home. She’s a little shy at first, but with a few treats and a quick game of fetch, you’re sure to win June’s heart.

Miss Sox

Miss Sox is a sassy, independent sweetheart who will keep you entertained with her constant mean-mug. When she’s craving attention, she leans in to be petted. Miss Sox is FIV+, but she gets along well with other cats, so she’ll live a long, normal life.

Atlanta Humane Society

  • Howell Mill Campus, 981 Howell Mill Rd., Atlanta, GA 30318
  • Mansell Campus 1565 Mansell Road, Alpharetta, GA 30009

To find more loveable, adoptable pets and get info on becoming a volunteer, call 404-875-5331 or visit atlantahumane.org.

Kathy Dean

Kathy Dean is a freelance writer and editor based in metro Atlanta.