Michael Wilensky

Michael Wilensky


Occupation: Attorney, The Law Firm of Michael S. Wilensky, LLC

Previous elected offices held: None

Other community service experience: Current positions or memberships: City of Dunwoody Sustainability Committee; Dunwoody Farmers Market Committee; Dunwoody Bar Association; Ashford Chase (Dunwoody) HOA President; Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber; Rotary Club of Dunwoody; The Posse Foundation Leadership Committee; Immediate Past President of Brotherhood at Congregation B’nai Torah; Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Legislative Committee; Arbitrator for the State Bar of Georgia Fee Arbitration Program; Anti-Defamation League Southeast Region Board Member and Civil Rights Committee Member. Past positions or memberships: Rotary Club of Brookhaven; Sandy Springs Movies By Moonlight Board.

What is motivating you to run for this office?

For almost six years, I have been down at our Georgia State Capitol assisting two groups, fighting against discriminatory legislation and for Georgia’s small businesses. Over that time, I have seen how much time we waste on harmful bills, bills that will hurt our economy, hurt small businesses, and cause discrimination. I have two daughters and I want to make sure they grow up in a Georgia that prioritizes people over politics. I want my daughters to have the opportunities that I had, including attending safe schools and being able to make their own medical decisions.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it?

I have learned during my six years at the State Capitol that our current representatives have the wrong priorities. We have legislators trying to force guns into our schools instead of fully funding education. We need leaders who are focused on bringing good jobs to our state instead of chasing them away with discriminatory legislation.

After the new “ATL” regional transit authority forms, what local transit priorities would you advocate, if any?

We have MARTA on both ends of HD 79. We must connect people to MARTA by other means besides additional roads. I love that Doraville will have an autonomous vehicle going from MARTA to the Doraville Assembly project area. We need to create a light rail system and a proper bus system, and use the train tracks we have to get citizens moving around. This will get more people working, which will create more money for the state. We have the money in our budget, and we can do this without raising taxes. We just need to make transit a top priority.

What is your position on reducing or eliminating the state income tax and why?

The state legislature just reduced the state income tax. It would be fiscally irresponsible to reduce it again now. We must see what revenues come in due to the recent reduction and balance that with our expenses. We need to fully fund schools and invest in our transit needs. We need to maintain the income tax to keep a diverse revenue stream. We cannot have all our revenues come from sales tax because sales drop during a recession. Georgia is one of the very lowest-taxed states in the country. I will fight to keep it that way.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.