A photo included in a presentation at the Oct. 16 City Council meeting shows the pile of trash that has accumulated outside the complex at 7600 Roswell Road. (Special)

Sandy Springs threatened to issue a lien against a Roswell Road apartment complex to force it to clean up a large pile of trash near its entrance.

The complex, Edgewater Apartments, is located in the city’s north end at 7600 Roswell Road and has had 24 code enforcement calls within the last two years. All of the calls were concerning the trash pile and 10 resulted in citations, City Attorney Dan Lee said during a presentation at the City Council’s Oct. 16 meeting.

The complex did not have immediate comment.

The complex was in the process of the cleaning up the trash before its court hearing set for the morning of Oct. 17 began, city spokesperson Dan Coffer said.

If clean up had not been done before then, the city was planning to have its Department of Public Works do the work and issue a lien against the apartments for the cost. The cost would have been more punitive than a citation fine, which is capped at $1,000, Lee said. The work was estimated by the department to cost $2,500, he said.

“The lien sends a very strong signal to the owners and the bankers,” Mayor Rusty Paul said. The authority to do so is a “rarely used section” of the city code, Paul said.

Lee said the apartment has cleaned up the trash several times and he doesn’t believe the complex managers are ignoring the problem, but rather not receiving appropriate resources from the parent company, which is headquartered in Colorado, he said.

A court ruling has previously required the complex to install two more dumpsters, Lee said. The site plan recently approved by the city will have those installed within the complex gates, he said.