Dunwoody’s new Brook Run Park baseball fields soon will have a paved parking lot off Barclay Drive.

The paved parking lot was included in the original construction plans for the baseball fields to be built by Astra Construction. But the $173,000 Astra said it would cost to pave the lot was cut from the budget as the city faced overruns to build the two new fields, according to an Oct. 22 memo by Public Works Director Michael Smith to the City Council.

An original estimate to build the fields came in at one time at $4.3 million, then jumped to $6.2 million and finally the council approved spending up to $5.7 million. Both fields were open by June.

Public Works hired a company to install a temporary binder coat to the parking area for $22,550. In paving, the binder coat is the underlying asphalt base.

The City Council has approved hiring Blount Construction, the city’s contracted paving company, to complete the full paving of the lot and some patching of Barclay Drive for $128,000. The savings to the city is $45,000, Smith stated in his memo.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.