Bernie Marcus, Home Depot co-founder and philanthropist, right, tours the construction of a new Piedmont Hospital tower that will be the site a new heart center he funded. (Special)

Bernie Marcus, Home Depot co-founder and philanthropist, received an advanced heart procedure this month at Buckhead’s Piedmont Hospital that his donation helped fund. Less than 24 hours later, he was able to tour the construction site of a new center he funded, the hospital said.

The procedure was made possible by the Marcus Heart Valve Center established by The Marcus Foundation’s $20 million donation in 2012 that “brought cutting-edge care to metro Atlanta,” the hospital said.

Marcus underwent the procedure, which replaced a damaged heart valve with an artificial one, Oct. 16, the hospital said. The operation was first performed in the U.S. four or five years ago, and, before the center, he would have needed open heart surgery, according to the hospital.

“It is an amazing story,” said Charlie Brown, CEO of Piedmont’s Physician Enterprise, in the release. “Who knew that when Bernie made his gift to help Piedmont Atlanta and Piedmont Heart to develop the Vascular Center that he would one day need its services?”

The procedure produced results that allowed Marcus to be able to walk 24 hours later and tour the construction of a hospital tower that will be the location of the new Marcus Heart and Vascular Center, which The Marcus Foundation donated $75 million to in 2016, according to a press release.

The new Marcus Heart and Vascular Center, a separate program from the center that treated Marcus, will be housed, among other services, in the new Piedmont Atlanta Tower, which is part of the hospital’s expansion and is planned to open in 2020, according to the release.

“I just wish my body could have waited three more years,” Marcus said, according to the release. “It would have been wonderful to have my procedure here, but we did OK anyway,” he said of the new center.