The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs Week in Review Report for the week ending Oct. 12.

North District Crime: The unit reported two entering autos and one robbery this past week. The robbery occurred in an apartment complex on Hammond Drive and it involved the theft of a motor vehicle. The suspect displayed what appeared to be a handgun under his shirt and demanded the victim’s purse and her keys. Officers tracked the vehicle and recovered it in East Point.

South District Crime: The unit reported five entering auto incidents: two occurred in apartment complex parking lots, one in a hospital parking deck, one in a commercial parking lot, and one from a landscape vehicle that was servicing a residence. There were four residential burglaries and no commercial burglaries. Two of the burglaries occurred in single-family residences, the other two in multi-level apartment buildings.

Street Crimes Unit (SCU): The unit reported one misdemeanor arrest, two city arrests and 14 traffic stops; issued 11 citations; made six field contacts; and reported nine suspicious persons/vehicles. The unit searched one vehicle, worked five drug complaints, issued five search warrants, spent 110 hours assisting other units, seized 6 grams marijuana, recovered one stolen vehicle.

Assisted patrol with overturned cattle truck/cow round-up. Suspicious person on Spalding Drive yielded one arrest for marijuana.

Traffic: The unit reported 15 misdemeanor arrests, six DUI arrests, 91 traffic stops, 133 citations and one search warrant issued. The unit also assisted with cattle round-up.

K-9 Unit: The unit reported one felony arrest and five city arrests; conducted 11 traffic stops; issued 14 traffic citations; and located one wanted person. The unit reported three suspicious persons/vehicles, nine K-9 searches, 15 drug complaints, and six search warrants. The unit seized 584 grams of marijuana, 1.4 grams of meth, 197 grams of THC edibles and 41 THC vape sticks, and recovered two stolen guns. A hotel/motel interdiction in the Hammond Drive/Peachtree-Dunwoody Road corridor yielded three arrests for meth and located a wanted person. Assisted with knock/talk where suspect was arrested with 30 pounds of marijuana.

Criminal Investigations Division

Aggravated assault (gunshot) from Sept. 2 on Spalding Trail: A male and a female were sitting inside the female’s ground-level apartment when an unknown person shot into the apartment, striking both of them. Both victims were interviewed multiple times in an attempt to identify any suspects. Several persons of interest were identified and interviewed, including both victim’s ex-spouses, mothers, siblings, other family members and known associates. CIU is assisting with identifying any others that may have been involved.

Carjacking on Hammond Drive: The female victim was carjacked of her 2017 Jeep Cherokee at gunpoint. SCU/K-9 tracked the vehicle to East Point and located the Jeep occupied at a McDonald’s. The suspect fled. Two handguns were recovered and the Jeep was subsequently processed at SSPD HQ by CSI. Fingerprints, DNA (areas swabbed), and suspect items recovered from the vehicle and no hits when the prints were run through the system. Investigation is ongoing.

Shoplifting at 6500 block of Roswell Rd: A successful photo lineup was conducted. Arrest warrants are forthcoming.

Theft by Taking and Forgery at Riverwood Drive: A successful photo lineup was conducted. Arrest warrants are forthcoming.

Aggressive Driving at Roswell Road/Dunwoody Place: Suspect charged with disorderly conduct for a road rage incident.

Aggressive Driving at 6100 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Rd: Suspect charged with disorderly conduct for a road rage incident.

In June and July of 2017, there were two motor vehicle thefts reported by victims who were on scene but away from their vehicles. Both vehicles were recovered and processed for evidence by the SSPD CSI detectives. The SSPD CID is reopening the cases for further investigation.