The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs, Week in Review Report for the week ending Nov. 2.

North District Crime: The unit reported 13 entering autos with three cases occurring in the parking lot of a bar/restaurant in the 8600 block of Roswell Road. Two robberies were reported with an arrest made in one case; the suspects were also tied to another robbery in Brookhaven.

South District Crime: The unit reported two entering-auto incidents. Evidence was collected. Landscape equipment was stolen from a truck on River Edge Parkway. There was one burglary reported on Crest Valley Drive and a forced entry was made through the rear door. Jewelry and a laptop were stolen.

Street Crimes Unit (SCU): The unit reported three felony arrests and five misdemeanor arrests, conducted 12 traffic stops, and issued 14 citations. The unit located four wanted persons, made three field contacts, and investigated four suspicious persons/vehicles. The unit worked an entering-auto detail at Peachtree Dunwoody and along the 4600 block of Roswell Road. The unit worked burglary details in the areas of 5600 block of Roswell Road; Northwood Drive; and Kingsport Drive.

Traffic: The unit reported one felony arrest, eight misdemeanor arrests, four DUI arrests and two traffic arrests. The unit conducted 83 traffic stops, issued 108 citations, and located one wanted person.

K-9 Unit: The unit reported one felony arrest and one city arrest, conducted 17 traffic stops, and issued four traffic citations. The unit located one wanted person and two suspicious persons/vehicles. The unit conducted five K-9 searches, worked eight drug complaints, conducted five knock & talks, and issued two search warrants. The unit seized 448 grams of marijuana, 227 grams of meth and one gun. A wanted person was located during a traffic stop.

Criminal Investigations Division

Narcotics followed up on a complaint from patrol concerning a possible drug dealer. An investigation resulted in the seizure of 540 grams of marijuana, one firearm, and multiple felony charges.

The suspect accused of breaking into 11 vehicles in the High Brook Drive area was taken into custody by SCU after warrants were obtained.

Warrants were issued and a woman arrested for repeatedly ordering large amounts of food and refusing to pay.

Detectives investigated a motor vehicle theft (a Tundra) from the Toyota Scion dealership. Our investigation revealed that the FBI Organized Crime Task Force was investigating the suspect and associates. The FBI is working with SSPD on the case.