The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs, Week in Review Report for the week ending Dec. 7.

North District Crime: There were eight reported entering autos and six burglaries. The entering autos covered a variety of locations, including residential driveways, gym parking lots, and apartment complexes.

South District Crime: There were 10 reported entering auto incidents, most of which occurred in large parking lots at commercial or multi-family residential locations. There was one residential burglary in the 4600 block of Roswell Road. No forced entry was reported, and a laptop was reported stolen

Street Crimes Unit (SCU): The unit reported one misdemeanor arrest, conducted 21 traffic stops, and issued 10 Citations. The unit made four field contacts, investigated 13 suspicious persons/vehicles, worked five drug complaints, and conducted five surveillance hours. One person was arrested following a suspicious person/vehicle stop on Crestline Parkway. A K-9 sniff located heroin residue, needles and 1 gram of marijuana.

Traffic Unit: The unit reported six misdemeanor arrests and one felony arrest. The unit conducted 41 traffic stops, issued 65 citations, and worked three hours on traffic complaints. There were two arrests made in connection with hit-and-run cases and four DUI arrests occurred.

K-9 Unit: The unit reported five misdemeanor arrests, conducted 20 traffic stops, and issued 19 traffic citations. The unit located two wanted persons, conducted three K-9 searches, worked 10 drug complaints, conducted 11 knock/talks, and seized 17 grams of marijuana, 2,000 Xanax bars, and 1 gram of heroin. The unit worked high-visibility traffic enforcement in high-crime areas resulting in 15 traffic stops, 13 citations and three drug arrests.

Criminal Investigations Division: An automotive repair business was burglarized overnight in the 8600 block of Roswell Road. Video surveillance showed a suspect, wearing dark clothes and a hoodie, force entry through the glass by breaking it with a hammer. The cash drawer was checked, and a business laptop was stolen. Investigation continues.

Additionally, a convenience store was burglarized overnight on the 8700 block of Roswell Road. The manager was notified of an alarm and when he looked at live video surveillance, he observed forced entry through the front glass door. Suspects were gone at the time of SSPD’s arrival. Video surveillance showed the suspect, wearing dark clothes and a hoodie, force entry through the front door with a hammer. The cash drawer was checked, and an unused safe was attempted to be forced open.

A beauty supply store on the same block was burglarized by forced entry through the front door. Video footage was reviewed, and suspects were observed concealing the front door with two large trash cans. Safety film was peeled from the door to make entry, and the suspects took natural hair products and clippers. Suspects were concealed with hoodies and gloves and used a large garbage bag to remove items.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a fraudulent check which was cashed. The perpetrator produced an identification card. Bank letters were sent out, and the case is ongoing. Detectives followed up on a case in which a fraudulent check was passed on the 6200 block of Roswell Road. The investigation is ongoing.

On Glisten Avenue, the victim hired a contractor to upgrade her deck and paid him $1,300 in July. The suspect cashed the check and never came back. A warrant is pending.