Police Chief Ken DeSimone, left, speaks about Officer Patrick Burt’s work at the Dec. 18 Sandy Springs City Council meeting. (Special)

A Sandy Springs police officer was recognized with an award for the extra work he put in to help find a missing person.

Officer Patrick Burt was given the award by Police Chief Ken DeSimone at the City Council’s Dec. 18 meeting.

In July, a person with a developmental disability was lost and reported missing by his out-of-state family. Although he went missing in another city, Burt agreed to take on the case because the family had trouble finding the right police department, DeSimone said.

While doing his other duties, Burt reviewed video footage and interviewed witnesses, helping to find the missing person in Milton.

“Officer Burt, off-duty, responded to the scene and was able to reunite this person with his family. None of this happened in Sandy Springs,” DeSimone said. “So we just thought it was appropriate, especially close to Christmas, to bring this forward to the council to recognize the great work he did that night answering 911 calls and finding this person.”