Ruby Mundell started off her fifth-grade school year by publishing her own book. Mundell, a student at The Davis Academy in Sandy Springs, had spent a year writing and editing the book, titled “Kindness Come In.”

Ruby wrote the book to help cope with the loss of her father at a young age, a diagnosis of dyslexia and social challenges. The book includes tips for both adults and children facing difficult times, illustrations and personal stories.

Ruby Mundell, a fifth-grade student at The Davis Academy in Dunwoody, with her book “Kindness Come In.” (Special)

Ruby said writing has become an avenue for her to express her feelings and find relief from some of her own hardships. Ruby said that she wrote it with the intention of “helping others through their hard times, by telling them my experiences and how I went through them.”

Ruby had help from her mother, who also had been writing a book, and Davis Academy Vice Principal Jeff Rothstein.
Rothstein said Ruby is “an excellent student and diligent writer, with a humble air about her.”

Just like most kids her age, she enjoys art and playing with her friends at school, but she also developed a particular passion for writing.

“It helped me to calm myself when I was going through challenging times,” she said.

The book provides advice on practicing compassion, consideration, thoughtfulness, self-expression and forgiveness. Her goal for her readers “is that they can become a better person, feel better about themselves, and understand people better” after reading her book, Ruby wrote in an author’s note.

The book is composed of a series of narratives from Ruby and her friends and families own personal experiences with bullying and how on ought to approach those scenarios. She said she used her experiences with grief and loss to help readers with their
own traumas.

Just as the book became a source of comfort and enjoyment for her, she hopes that it can provide some direct healing and aid to those going through similar circumstances.

She said enjoyed the writing process, despite the year-long timeframe, as it gave her a way to make peace with the difficulties she had gone through.

Ruby hosted a launch party for “Kindness Come In” last year, where Davis Academy members and other members of the local Atlanta community came to celebrate her accomplishment. The book was also featured in the Marcus Jewish Community Center Book Fair.

This article was written and reported by Alexa Robbins, a student at Atlanta Classical Academy.

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