Heritage Sandy Springs hopes to complete reconstruction of the city’s namesake spring by the end of 2020.

The elaborate redesign was originally planned to be finished in early 2018, but was been delayed by permitting issues. The historic spring on Heritage Green, a park between Blue Stone Road and Sandy Springs Circle, is currently hidden under a metal grate and wooden pavilion. The new design would let the spring bubble up as a small, glass-enclosed fountain under an abstract canopy surrounded by seating.

A concept sketch of the new spring, showing the canopy, the glass-enclosed spring and the seating area. (File)

Carol Thompson, the executive director, said they are launching a fundraising effort to raise the final $100,000 needed to construct the redesign.

The group has to wait until winter months to do the project due to being busy during the spring and summer season with weddings and other community events, Thompson said.