The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs, Week in Review Report for the week ending Feb. 1.

North District Crime: The unit reported two entering-auto incidents and two burglaries.

South District Crime: There were 11 reported entering-auto incidents in the district. In most of the cases, entry was made via a broken window. There were two reported burglaries: one was an apartment residential burglary and the second occurred at a residence where an unlocked garage was entered and landscape equipment was stolen. There was also one unsuccessful commercial burglary attempt. Two suspected burglars were arrested during a traffic stop conducted because of reckless driving. The driver fled on foot but was apprehended a short time later. Both suspects have outstanding warrants, with evidence of numerous crimes throughout the metro area located in their vehicle.

Street Crimes Unit (SCU): The unit reported one misdemeanor arrest, conducted 24 traffic stops, and issued seven citations. One wanted person was located; three field contacts were conducted, and the unit investigated 10 suspicious persons/vehicles. Six vehicle searches were conducted and the unit conducted 89 surveillance hours. The unit worked an entering-auto detail in the South District. Pursued two entering-auto suspect vehicles, with one arrest. Investigation continues.

Traffic Unit: The unit reported nine misdemeanor arrests, conducted 83 traffic stops, and issued 128 citations. The unit worked one search warrant and spent 16 hours working traffic complaints. The unit made six DUI arrests, two traffic arrests and one arrest for hit and run.

K-9 Unit: The unit reported one misdemeanor arrest and four city arrests, and conducted 12 traffic stops, issuing 11 citations. The unit located two wanted persons, investigated three suspicious persons, conducted two K-9 tracks of people, conducted one K-9 search, and worked nine drug complaints. The unit conducted three knock/talks and issued one search warrant. The unit provided assistance to SIU with a drug complaint and patrol with a burglary in progress call. A traffic stop yielded the seizure of 3.3 grams of marijuana and seven marijuana vape pens. Two arrests were the result of traffic stops.

Criminal Investigations Division:


Street Crimes Units observed suspicious behavior in 4900 block of Roswell Road after two vehicles matching an entering-auto lookout entered the parking lot. The officer was seen by both suspect drivers and they fled the location. A chase ensued, with both vehicles crashing. One perpetrator was apprehended. The follow-up investigation has yielded several search warrants and the identification of three other suspects.


Detectives have been actively investigating a fraud case which has spanned over four years. An employee from an accounting firm was found to be stealing from her client’s debit account, with approximately $126,000 transferred to the suspect’s Capital One credit card. A warrant was taken for theft by taking. Detectives met with the Fulton County D.A.’s “White Collar Unit” regarding additional investigation of this case. More charges are forthcoming.


Detectives were assigned to investigate a case in which a victim’s credit card was fraudulently used at the Office Depot on Roswell Road. Detectives were able to get into contact with Loss Prevention to continue this investigation. A former employee used the business’s rewards program to fraudulently receive funds. The suspect’s employee file and the financials related to the fraud were turned over to police.

Entering Auto

The victim’s purse was stolen out of her vehicle while she was pumping gas at the Kroger on Roswell Road. A possible suspect was identified through follow-up investigation, which continues.

Burglary and Theft

Unknown suspects made entry through an unlocked kitchen window on Kingsport Drive. The suspects stole an Apple Watch and loose change.

Unknown suspects entered multiple homes on Parkside Place under construction and stole microwaves from the homes.

A victim stated that he was woken up by a loud banging noise in his Roswell Road apartment. The victim went to inspect the sound and confronted a masked person in his home with a crowbar. The suspect fled with the victim’s computers, iPads, wallet and cellphone case.

A suspect known to the store manager picked the lock to the back door and stole cash from the office of the Shell Station on Roswell Road. The management is compiling the video footage for the detective.

The victim states that she had to evict a tenant from a home on Willow Creek Drive. After the tenant was removed, it was found that a washer and dryer were missing.

A passport and check were stolen from the mail on Osner Drive. A suspect has been arrested in another jurisdiction.

A tip was received in reference to a stolen package with video on Township Parkway. CIU investigated and identified the suspect through another agencies’ arrest of him. CID is continuing investigation.


A vehicle was observed driving recklessly on I-285 near Riverside Drive. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver fled. The vehicle crashed against a tree, and the occupants fled from the vehicle. Both were apprehended. Subjects were charged with multiple felony charges.