The Northside Branch Library is slated to close May 20 and remain closed for most of the year as the building and property undergo major renovations, including a new roof, a new and larger meeting room and dedicated parking spaces for the book drop.

The planned projects for the small library tucked in a small space at 3295 Northside Parkway were unveiled at a Feb. 19 community meeting to a crowd of more than a dozen library supporters and staff.

The Northside Branch is one of 22 libraries getting renovations in the latest phase of an Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System’s capital improvement program approved in 2008.

The Buckhead Library at 269 Buckhead Ave. is expected to close May 6 with plans to also reopen by December.

The new Northside Branch Library layout as presented at the Feb. 19 meeting. (Dyana Bagby)

Northside Branch Library Director Gabriel Morley said the renovations to this library were “very tricky” due to its small size and footprint. The library will remain the same size as will its small parking lot.

The iconic metal art sculpture at the entrance of the building will be removed at the request of many of the patrons and staff members and be placed at perhaps another library facility, according to Al Collins, the administrator of a county bond program funding the system’s new and improved libraries.

The current layout of the Northside Branch Library. (Dyana Bagby)

A vending machine area dubbed the “café” will be added off the front glassed-in atrium. The atrium space will also be getting new glass that should help alleviate extreme temperatures in the room during summer and winter months, according to Cheryl McAfee and architects with McAfee3 Architects.

A small, central circulation desk, a teen area, a renovated children’s area and a separate computer and printing area for the adult area are also planned as part of the renovations. A much larger meeting room is planned as well, which received audible sounds of approval from the people attending the Feb. 19 meeting.

News that the metal art sculpture planted on the sidewalk in front of the library that many say poses a risk to children who climb on it would be removed was received with loud cheers of joy from many of the attendees.

More than a dozen people attended the Feb. 19 meeting to learn more about the planned renovations of the Northside Branch Library in Buckhead. (Dyana Bagby)


Due to patron and staff request, the sculpture at the entrance of the Northside Branch Library will be relocated to perhaps another library in Fulton County. (Dyana Bagby)

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.