Inventor Thomas Edison once famously said that genius was one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. A new sauna studio in Buckhead believes perspiration, with a touch of infrared technology, is a genius approach to wellness.

Perspire Sauna Studio opened last fall, the first of five locations to arrive in Atlanta. This new concept offers 40-minute infrared sauna sessions at an average temperature of 135 degrees, which increase the body’s ability to burn as many calories as a two-mile jog.

The safe infrared rays penetrate the skin to increase circulation, stimulate collagen production and trigger a deeper sweat detox at a lower temperature than traditional saunas. Any rise in temperature over 120 is based on each guest’s heat tolerance.

The customization in each room extends to chromotherapy mood lighting, which is believed to aid in wellness. Adjust the colors, such as simulating a sunset by switching from skin stimulating yellow and orange light to energizing red. A peaceful oasis can be imitated by beginning with green light, the universal healing color, and deepened into a relaxing blue and ending with purple for mental clarity.

During my session on a cold January morning, I spent my 40 minutes glistening in a sunny yellow sauna set at 140 degrees – warm enough to sweat, but not enough to rush home to shampoo my hair afterwards. Since warm muscles stretch easier than cold muscles, I smoothly transitioned from stretch to stretch using a provided guide for seated arm, neck rolls, hip and hamstring stretches. By the end of the session, my muscles and mind felt more flexible.

Perspire Sauna Studio is located 322 Pharr Road. For more information, visit