An illustration shows the design for the realigned Glenridge Drive and Roswell Road intersection. (Special)

A long-planned project to realign the Roswell Road and Glenridge Drive intersection in Sandy Springs is expected to begin in June, according to the city.

The plan straightens the sharply curving, Y-shaped intersection and its traffic island. Construction work is expected to last about two years, said Marty Martin, the director of public works, during a presentation at the City Council’s April 2 meeting. The work will be done by the Georgia Department of Transportation because Roswell Road is a state route.

The project to remake the intersection has been in the works for years and stalled at various points. The plans were last presented over three years ago.

“I’m delighted we’re getting to this point,” Councilmember Tibby DeJulio said. “This has been an absolutely horrible intersection with an incredible number of accidents. I’m so pleased we’re getting this done.”

Martin said extensive lane or road closures are not expected, other than some for a “short duration.” Any project closures will also coordinate with the Transform 285/400 project, GDOT’s massive project rebuilding the I-285 and Ga. 400 interchange, he said.

The plan removes the existing medians on Glenridge and makes the turns less sharp. The existing northbound, right-turn lane into a nearby commercial property on Roswell Road that is north of the intersection will be eliminated to make room for two southbound left-turn lanes onto Glenridge. An additional eastbound lane on Glenridge also is planned.

The city has contributed some funds toward the project, including for utility work and for GDOT to use special decorative elements, like wall surface material and streetlights. The City Council approved an additional $222,825 to go toward transmission line work and $207,955 for the decorative elements.