The great blue heron whose beak became entangled in string and hooked by a fishing lure at Brookhaven’s Murphey Candler Park has died.

A volunteer with the Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort Wildlife Center holds the great blue heron on April 3 after cutting away the string and fishing lure tied around its beak. The bird died April 4. (Photo by AWARE)

The bird was being treated at the Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort Center in Lithonia, where he died the morning of April 4, according to Scott Lange, AWARE’s director.

The heron was spotted several days earlier by bird watcher and photographer Stephen Ramsden, who said the bird went at least a week without being able to eat and drink. Volunteers were able to capture the weakened bird on April 3 and take it to the AWARE center, where it was receiving fluids to try to revive it.

Lange said the heron was very emaciated from lack of food and drink, as well as stress.

“This made the odds not great,” Lange said.

The bird’s beak was tied shut with fishing line and the lure’s hook was embedded in the beak. AWARE volunteers were able to remove the items yesterday after the bird was brought into the facility.

“[The bird] made it through the night and this morning he seemed to be doing the same but was very emaciated. Then he just crashed and passed,” Lange said on April 4.

“It’s always difficult to lose one, but it comes with the territory,” he said. “We try to take solace knowing he died in a quiet, safe spot and not being chased by a predator. But it is definitely disappointing.”

A great blue heron at Brookhaven’s Murphey Candler Park was unable to eat or drink after entangling its beak in fishing line. (Photo by Stephen W. Ramsden)