I recently attended a Dunwoody City Council meeting and it reminded me why I never go to Dunwoody City Council meetings. This time the issue was whether the city should grant the city variances to the city’s 75-foot stream buffer requirement in order to add stuff to Brook Run Park. Fewer trees; more stuff. It should be no surprise that ultimately the city granted variances to the city. And that’s not even what bothered me the most.

A number of questions were raised by council members regarding water runoff and the need for variances. The questions were directed to representatives of Lose Design, the same company that gave you the three detention ponds on Brook Run Trail that were flawed and had to be fixed by another company at great expense to the city. This time, council members were told that design changes could be made to eliminate the variances and lessen the possibility of water runoff issues, but Lose would, of course, charge the city to make those changes. So Lose Design presented a plan that was flawed, and to make needed changes to the flawed plan, Lose would charge the city some additional amount?

Of course, following this logic, the City Council approved the Lose plan as presented. Thank you, Lynn Deutsch, for voting against approval.

Jay Pryor


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