Buckhead’s West Wieuca Road N.W. could see a name change to Chastain Park Avenue, a nod to the park it runs through, in a proposal under consideration by an Atlanta City Council committee. The idea is reducing confusion over similarly named streets with an eye on public safety response.

The local NPU-A says it backs the renaming – and even would like it extended to part of West Wieuca Road N.E.

West Wieuca Road N.W., which runs through Chastain Park, as it appears on Google Maps. It would become Chastain Park Avenue N.W. under an Atlanta City Council proposal.

The City Council ordinance proposing the renaming cites at least three unspecified incidents last summer where public safety responses to the park’s pool were “delayed or misdirected.”

“The belief is that changing the name will make it easier for emergency vehicles to find the right destination,” said NPU-A chair Brink Dickerson.

West Wieuca takes a winding path and a subtle name change in its roughly 1.5-mile course through North Buckhead. At its eastern end, the street splits off from namesake Wieuca Road as West Wieuca Road N.E. The two streets run roughly parallel, less than 500 feet apart, and both cross Roswell Road. Despite the name, West Wieuca sits to the north of Wieuca, though it indeed continues farther to the west.

Wieuca dead-ends to the west of Roswell Road, but West Wieuca N.E. continues to Lake Forrest Drive. At that point, it becomes West Wieuca Road N.W. — a subtle compass-point distinction from N.E. to N.W. — and runs through Chastain Park to Powers Ferry Road.

West Wieuca Road N.E. and Wieuca Road, to the east of Chastain Park, as they appear on a Fulton County property records map.

The renaming proposal, sponsored by City Councilmember J.P. Matzigkeit, would turn West Wieuca N.W. – the section between Powers Ferry and Lake Forrest — into Chastain Park Avenue N.W. The council’s City Utilities Committee – which Matzigkeit chairs – will holding a hearing on the proposal April 23. Matzigkeit’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dickerson said the “general ambiguity of references to Wieuca” in the area can indeed be confusing, with the parallel Wieuca and West Wieuca. He said the NPU “broadly supported” the change at a recent meeting, but also suggested extending the renaming to affect the part of West Wieuca N.E. between Lake Forrest Drive and Roswell Road.

“Within the community there generally has been support, although some question whether there really is a need for the change,” Dickerson added.

One public safety facility in the area is a Sandy Springs fire station on the western dead-end of Wieuca Road, which operates within the city of Atlanta under a mutual aid agreement.

“Honestly, Sandy Springs fire crews have never expressed any confusion to me,” Sandy Springs Fire Department Chief Keith Sanders said when asked about the name change and local “Wieuca” misunderstandings.

That area of Chastain Park is packed with a wide variety of facilities – including the private Galloway School, a city golf course, the Northside Youth Organization sports leagues, an arts center and more – that would be affected by an address change. A Galloway spokesperson said the school is aware of the renaming proposal, but a school official did not immediately provide comment about any position.

West Wieuca runs very close to the Sandy Springs border. Sandy Springs City Councilmember Andy Bauman, who represents that area, said he was aware of the renaming discussion, but has not heard from his constituents about it.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.