The Brookhaven Bike Alliance is inviting cyclists of all skill levels to join it on Sunday, April 28, for a bike ride to many of the city’s parks. The “Pedal the Parks” event is part of the organization’s celebration of Earth Day.

Pedal the Parks will begin at 2 p.m. and is expected to wrap up around 4:30 p.m. Participants are invited to ride the entire nine miles to visit nine parks or join at different times at different parks. If it rains on April 28, the make up day will be May 5.

The event is free, but organizers are asking people to register so they can track attendance.

Riders of all ages are invited. Helmets are required. Some parts of the ride are more strenuous than others, but organizers say the ride will be completed at a casual pace with chances to rest at each park stop.

Representatives from each park will be on hand at the parks to pass out refreshments and drinks and give a little information about each park’s history. Prizes will be awarded to those who make it to all nine parks.

The schedule and route

The ride begins at 2 p.m. with riders leaving from the Briarwood Park playground at 2235 Briarwood Way N.E. The Bike Alliance members have broken down rides by miles and approximate minutes:

From Briarwood Park, cyclists will ride nearly two miles to Skyland Park, an approximately 13-minute ride.

After Skyland Park, the ride will continue a to Georgian Hills Park, less than a mile away and about a 6-minute ride.

From Georgian Hills, the ride continues to the Ashford Forest Preserve, an approximate 30-acre greenspace adjacent to DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. This ride is just over 1 mile and about a 7-minute ride.

After finishing up at the Ashford Forest Preserve, the ride continues to Clairmont Park, just over a half-mile trip and about a 4-minute ride. Then cyclists continue to Ashford Park, nearly 2 miles away and an approximate 10-minute ride.

The ride is expected to get to Ashford Park about 3 p.m. where cyclists can join in for the last stretch.

From Ashford Park, cyclists will ride 1.5 miles for about 10 minutes to Parkside Park and then less than a half-mile to Fernwood Park, for about a 4-minute ride.

After leaving Fernwood Park, the ride goes to the neighborhood park Clack’s Corner, less than a half-mile away and about a 4-minute ride.

The ride’s final leg is from Clack’s Corner back to Briarwood Park. This ride is 1.1 miles and takes about 7 minutes to get there on bike.

Click here to see the complete route.