Holy Spirit Preparatory School students teamed up with the Mount Paran Parkway Neighborhood Association to clean and restore the forest at Warren T. Jackson Elementary.

Holy Spirit students and MPPNA neighbors worked April 13 to clear the nature trails and ensure the health of the trees by removing trash and debris and trimming back English ivy, a press release said. The school and neighborhood are both on the Buckhead and Sandy Springs border.

The public Jackson Elementary does not have the resources to take up the cleaning on its own, so the neighborhood often helps, the release said.

“Atlanta Public Schools has limited resources to invest in forest maintenance,” Charlie Chico, the MPPNA presidents said in the release. “As a result, the MPPNA neighbors have traditionally pitched in to assist in maintaining the paths and the forest at Jackson’s main campus. Having a group of Holy Spirit Prep students take on this job this spring is invaluable to the neighborhood and the school.”

The Holy Spirit students also committed to participating in Volunteer for a Better Sandy Springs April 27, an annual event that coordinates clean up efforts at parks and schools, the release said.

Jackson’s forest, a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, is home to turtles, foxes, hawks, woodpeckers, opossum and snakes, along with the occasional visiting deer and coyote, the release said.