Medusa Restaurant & Lounge can continue to serve alcohol this weekend and for future months after working out a payment plan with the city of Brookhaven to pay off unpaid liquor taxes.

The nightclub’s attorney showed up to City Hall just before closing on May 10 to make an approximately $6,000 payment toward the more than $32,000 the city says the venue owes after conducting an audit of alcohol sales. Officials with the nightclub paid approximately $10,000 to the city on May 7 with the promise of making a second payment by May 10.

The city had already tacked a sign on Medusa’s front door on May 10 notifying the venue that its alcohol license was being suspended. But Medusa’s attorney showed up at City Hall at about 4:30 p.m. with the payment, allowing the club to keep its alcohol license, according to a city spokesperson.

Medusa can continue to sell alcohol if it pays off the remaining debt in monthly payments over the next six months, according to the negotiated agreement with the city.

Josephine Lounge and XS Restaurant & Lounge on May 7 appealed their alcohol license suspension due to alleged unpaid liquor taxes. A decision on the appeal is expected within 15 days. Both venues are also located in Northeast Plaza.