I am a parent of a third-grader and belong to Moms Demand Action in Sandy Springs. I want to be clear why we elected Lucy McBath to Congress — to make meaningful gun safety action our top priority.

When I ask my third-grader what an intruder drill at her school is like, she describes it as: “First it’s kind of fun, Mommy. We get to hide in crazy places like the cabinets. But then it gets quiet, and I get scared. I start thinking that someone’s going to come and shoot me and my friends and my teacher. And then I start to cry.”

We must stop burdening our children with our inaction. We are tired of weekly mass shootings and inaction from elected officials.

We are proud that Lucy supported a background check bill in the House, but disappointed that federal legislation will go nowhere unless more politicians prioritize gun safety.

We are encouraged that many Georgia state legislators introduced meaningful gun safety bills this session. Again, they failed because we need more state legislators to support these common-sense measures.

Do your research. Smart gun safety legislation saves lives. The data is clear. We will continue to vote candidates out and flip districts based on this one, non-negotiable issue. We are only getting started.

Kara Wilkes

Sandy Springs

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